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About Me

Hello, my name is Dessie, a mum of two beautiful baby girls and I am glad to meet you here. I will reveal you a bit of me and the things that make up my life. I'm a Kent based (covering Walderslade, Chatham, Rochester, Maidstone) freelance photographer specialising in different kinds of photography (Newborn, Babies, Maternity, Family, Portraits, Travel, Events, Stock, Products and Properties). 

My previous job was as an accountant but Photography has always been my passion. As an Artist (I also run Serendipity Naturals and Serendipity Arts & Wine), I love the challenge of capturing beautiful moments from our chaotic world that passes so quickly by us. It's amazing how a picture could say so many things, to tell so many stories and make your heart beats faster. Purity and beauty that flow from shooting images bring me inspiration and satisfaction of what I do.

I would define myself as a pretty normal person who mildly is photography-addicted. I am always smiling and cheerful because life is too short to waste it in complaining. Everyday I get up impatient to start my day with the new exciting moments that taking photos brings me. I always give my best in every shoot to provide clients with exactly what they want and expect. My job lets me to rediscover the magic of our world every single day and I try to bring this positive energy to my shoots. Photography is not something you can just learn. It is art, passion, love and joy. It is something that goes through your veins and makes you feel excited. 

Let me be Your Photographer!

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